Ionic 3 Axios Library Usage

import * as queryString from 'querystring';

async send(order) {
    const response = await'/isbank/send', queryString.stringify(
        orderNo: order.orderNo,
        amount: order.amount,
        currencyCode: '949',
        language: 'tr',
        'creditCard.cardType': '1',
        'creditCard.cv2': order.cvc,
        'creditCard.expiredMonth': order.expiredMonth,
        'creditCard.expiredYear': order.expiredYear,
        'creditCard.pan': order.number,
        'user.Id': order.userId
        .then((response) => {
        return response;

Normally, axios requests are json based, but if you want to send request classic form based use querystring library which is imported at line 1

Notice that at line 1, async keyword is used before function name, and await keyword is used before method at line 2.

Also at line 2, we should use constant variable, so const keyword is used.

send() function call:

const result = await  send(order);

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